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Athletics Brand Guidelines

Athletics Logo

The University of Findlay logo is the primary means by which we are recognized. The consistent and proper use of the logo strengthens the recognition of the University of Findlay and projects the university’s established reputation onto all of the many individual entities that make up the university.

Athletics Identity System-01
Primary Logo Variations
Athletics Identity System-01


Findlay Oilers Logotype

Oilers Logotype

Old Main Logomark

Color Variations

The athletic logo should always be reproduced as a single color. The academic logo should always reproduced in official university colors: Findlay Black or Findlay Orange. White is also acceptable when the logo is applied to dark backgrounds.

Color Palette

Consistent use of color creates a visual cohesion across all university communications. It elicits emotional reactions with those impacted by our brand. When combined with photos of our campus, faculty, staff, and students it increases the impact of our message.


The primary color palette should account for 100% of the colors used in any athletics branded marketing.

Findlay Orange

PMS 151
C0 M60 Y100 K0
R255 G131 B0

Findlay Black

C70 M50 Y30 K100
C0 M0 Y0 K100
R0 G0 B0


Consistent use of typography is a simple way to align our visual identity. Fonts set a tone for how communication is read and can do a lot to alleviate denseness on the most text-heavy pages.

Display Font

Sans Serif Font