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Brand Structure

The University’s brand is divided into four levels allowing our diverse campus to better communicate as one voice to a wide demographic.

Level 1

Primary Logos

Academic Logo

The University of Findlay logo is the primary means by which we are recognized. This mark is to be used when representing the University in all non-athletic references.

University Seal

The University seal is reserved for the Office of the President, the Board of Trustees, and official university awards, recognition, and documents like transcripts and diplomas.

Athletic Logo

Use of the athletic logo is limited to athletic teams, athletic marketing communications, and trademarked merchandise.

Level 2

Secondary Logos

The secondary logos are a way for colleges, academic programs, offices, departments, and athletic programs to identify themselves in marketing materials while still representing the University as a whole.

Level 3

Organizational Logos

Organizations within the University are permitted to create a custom logo that better represents them while still staying within the visual family of university marks. The marks must use one or more of the following in the design: an official font, color or the oil derrick.

Level 4

Affiliate Logos

Institutions affiliated with the University that compete in the marketplace with other outside institutions, are permitted to create custom logos and identities outside of the university graphic standards. Approval of affiliate level marks must be determined by the Office of Marketing and Communication.


Oil Derrick

The oil derrick is an icon symbolizing the strength and pride of the University of Findlay. This logo is great for spirit initiatives and events.

Derrick the Oiler

Derrick the Oiler is the University of Findlay’s official mascot and spirit leader. This illustrated Derrick is a simplified characterization of the mascot and would be great for spirit initiatives and events.



Photography is one of the best tools to communicate a sense of place. It often creates the first impression with its visual presence. Thoughtful and carefully chosen photography can transform a marketing piece and can become an effective way to communicate about the University.



Videography is a powerful communications tool. It can engage and tell a story that will stick with someone long after being viewed.

When strategically planned and well-produced, video can be one of the most effective ways to reach an audience.

​​​Office of Marketing and Communication

Our brand .

A brand is not a logo or a tagline or an ad campaign that changes as trends change. A brand is earned. It is the cumulative result of how others have interacted with us and every experience, impression, and interaction made by or with our institution. It’s intended to tell the story of the University of Findlay to a variety of audiences in a powerful way that—ultimately—will resonate with them.